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Our Mobile Application development philosophy is simple : We produce creative and innovative iOS/Android apps that are designed and developed to enhance user experience, engage your customers, and build your mobile brand. Simply, we are leaders in Apple iOS and Google Android application development.

Apps Design Studio provides professional Mobile Application development and other Tablet application development services for business and entrepreneurs. We understand the importance of creating highly aesthetic and functional Apps. As competition continues to grow in the Apps market, professional Mobile Application development and user-friendly mobile app design becomes paramount in driving measurable result that ultimately lead to a significant return on investment.

However, our marketing and designing teams understand that the successful promotion and developing your Mobile Application is instrumental to its success.



We are in charge of designing each screen or page with which a user interacts and ensuring that the UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out. We refine and iterate to create the "best" user experience.



The app development process can be broken out into four major parts – The Idea, Functionality Layout and Planning, Design, and Going Live to App Store.



We have a consultative approach towards client engagement. This will make sure that, as your mobile app consultant, we understand your business needs and constraints fully well before we offer our mobility services tailored to your needs.

iOS Development
Android Development


Everything starts with collecting project data and requirements. Understanding client's business goals is a key factor to creation of high-quality application.

At this phase we involve all our specialists. Our team will help you compose detailed project requirements and identify key tasks.


If our client already has clear vision of color schemes and design concept, we'll start development process without delay.

In case you have no preferences or ideas concerning design, our UI specialists will do their best to help you find the right solution for your project.


In our work we use only innovative and approved methodologies and development tools. Among them are native methodologies (Xcode, Java, Eclipse). Our approach is flexible and we are always ready to follow client’s requirements for development methods.

This way we are always one step ahead, can foresee project development and promptly respond to any changes.


This phase is one of the most important since here we'll have a chance to avoid a lot of inaccuracies and difficulties which could further appear during development process.

We will help you identify the full list of application functionality, design its logic and create interaction scheme.


Final development of design presumes detailed drawing of all interface elements for each application screen.

Besides, at this phase we prepare graphic elements for development phase.


Our team is responsible for successful deployment and support of your application to Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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